Existing users of ASTROFIRE may download and save the latest version of the program file as a self extracting ZIP file.

This file is absolutely and completely to you useless unless you have previously installed Astrofire. It will also not work with the older Triform(Astro) program.

Once downloaded click on the file and then click on the unzip button and the files are automatically extracted to the c:\program files\astro directory.

 As a precaution before downloading save the current version of ASTRO.EXE by renaming it to ASTRO.OLD. When the updated program is running successfully you can delete ASTRO.OLD.


Update 007

A new feature allows you to easily compare the chart of the active event with that of Christ's Crucifixion. I have included this feature as I feel it is the most important event in the history of the Earth and this feature will enable you to produce these charts with great ease. I would be most interested if you find this useful. 

I have also corrected a number of minor errors which have been reported to me.

Update 006


You can now display and print planetary phenomena based on any aspect set for all the planets, asteroids etc. You can also list eclipses. for example you could search for Jupiter Saturn conjunctions between to dates. You can also search for phenomena involving heliocentric nodes and apsides.

The Astrological biography has been corrected for problems with the Geo/Helio listings and the LEMNICENTRIC version now works correctly.

A few other small improvements have been made.

Update 005

The ASC Atlas has now been fully integrated

The Lemnicentric Astrological Biography should now be working.

 You can now print Tychonic Epoch Star Charts


The Display Search option has been dramatically extended so that you can now search a table of events looking for events with particular planetary configurations.  Such as a square, pentagon, octagon etc.

Corrected some other minor errors.

Update 004

Change background picture option plus so minor bug fixes.

Update 003

Corrects minor error in the positions of Jupiter and Neptune

As I invented the World View "Hermetic", which clearly does not exist, I have changed it to "Tychonic". This being the name used in astronomy as it was the idea of Tycho Brache who could not believe that the Earth moved.

I have removed the Lemnicentric Astrological Biography until I can get it working correctly. For those that have Astro it works perfectly in that program.

Update 002

The only real change in this update is for users wishing to use the ACS Atlas in conjunction with Astrofire.